Use cases

PoW WoW makes PoW accessible to mobile or other low-powered Nostr clients.

This makes any PoW use-case more relevant for Nostr, such as:

  • More reliable spam filters

  • More resilient relays

    When under high load, or under a spam attack, relays can start requiring PoW for new notes. The required PoW can go up or down dynamically, acting as a load balancer for the relay.

  • Content discovery

    Adding even moderate amounts of PoW can help new accounts stand out from spam. This would make it possible for Nostr clients to offer a Global view filtered by PoW.

  • Almost-Unforgeable Zaps

    Wash-zapping can be almost entirely eliminated by requiring zaps to have PoW attached. The client can choose what an acceptable amount of PoW is, either absolute or relative to the zap amount. Anything below this threshold can be considered possible wash-zapping and ignored.

  • Badges

    Badge Definitions or Badge Awards with PoW will likely be seen as more valuable and desirable by collectors.

  • Weighted likes, reposts, reactions

    Nostr clients can give likes, reposts and reactions more significance by adding PoW.

    This makes it more difficult for bots to artificially increase the ranking and visibility of Nostr notes by spam-liking or reacting to it.