Top-level Files of v0.1

Top-level Files of v0.1

Files in the top-level directory of check-in v0.1


Sceptre is a tool that lets you do more with your LND node.

As of v0.1 it has a bot, which lets you interact with your node without a wallet, without tor.


  1. It lets you use your LND node from a chat interface. Use your phone to check your balance, create or pay a LN invoice using simple chat commands.

  2. It only accepts E2E encrypted commands signed by you. All communication with the bot takes place as chat-over-email. Commands and responses are exchanged between your and your bot's email accounts. All emails exchanged are PGP encrypted end-to-end.

  3. Simple PGP operations. It uses DeltaChat, which transparently converts the chat messages to PGP signed and encrypted emails. It does the reverse on receiving.


See the bot demo.


To try it out, go through the step-by-step setup guide.

To find out more, see technical details and supported commands.


You have a feature request? Or you found an issue? Feel free to open a ticket. No registration needed.