Ok let's type h.

Check balance

Let me check my balance. I can use b or balance.

Describe / Pay invoice

Suppose I want to pay an invoice.

I copy the invoice text and prepare to pay.

If I know and trust the person who sent me the invoice, I can pay right away.

But let me be sure, just in case.

Let me check the invoice I got by using d or describe.

I see, so the invoice is indeed for 12345 sats.

Sounds good, let's pay with p.


Create invoice

Now I want to create an invoice for 1000 sats.

I got it as text...

.. and as a QR, cool.

Send to Lightning Address

I hear that Gigi wrote a new article.

I read it and I like it, so decide to send him some sats for it.

Let's tell the bot to send Gigi 1000 sats.