View Recurring Payments

To manage the recurring payments, we have to access the Web UI (http://localhost:8000 on the machine running Oak Node).

Create a new Recurring Payment

We need three things:

The simplest bcron expression is /1 which means "send this payment every block", so roughly every 10 minutes. There can be more advanced expressions as well.

For this demo, let's create create a recurring payment for 100 sats every 30 minutes, until block 738030.

Every 30 mins = every 3 blocks, so our bcron expression will have a /3. Adding the optional "until" blockheight, the expression becomes :738030/3.

The info area at the bottom of the popup tells us what are the expected next runs.

We'll let it run for a while and check again later.

...a few hours later...

It's now the morning of the following day. Let's check the History tab:

Indeed, payments of 100 sats were done every 3 blocks until 738030.