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Ticket: 24d695aa48ff1cd7da650d499326be868008b14d
Canno pay lightning address in 0.3.2
User & Date: carlos 2022-08-04 15:51:24

  1. icomment:
    Thanks for the ticket report.
    Good news is, it's already been fixed with [](5dbd33a73cbbb008). Will be part of the next release in a few days.
    There is also a way to get it to work on your node, with v0.3.2 that you have.
    Just add the following two dummy args to the docker command:
    --env OAK_ONION_SOCKS5_HOST=http://doesntmatter
    --env OAK_ONION_SOCKS5_PORT=1234
    The issue was that sending failed if no socks was configured. But it doesn't need the socks proxy when sending to normal (non-tor) addresses.
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