Oak Node Guide

Oak Node Guide


If you're running a Citadel or Umbrel Node, you can install Oak from the node's app store.

For more advanced setups, like running an Oak container or building from source, see How to run.

Recurring Payments

Oak Node lets you schedule recurring payments to Lightning Addresses.

The schedule can be defined based on a so-called bcron expression (blocktime-cron). Similar to a cron expression, it can say when an event should occur, how often, and optionally from when and until when.

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Email and Nostr Bots

Oak Node has two bots, one usable via Email and one via the Nostr protocol.

The bots let you interact with your Oak Node using a chat interface. You can, for instance, create and pay invoices, or send sats to a LN address (full list of commands).

Both bots are disabled by default. They are each usable after an initial pairing process.

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Advanced Configuration

On startup, the Oak node accepts several startup parameters as configuration flags. A full list can be found in params.rs.

They can be set as environment variables, by changing the variable names to uppercase and adding the OAK_ prefix. For example: