Performance Tips

Performance Tips

When using the bot, we want to reduce the bot response time, which is the delay between when a command is sent and the bot reply is received.

One way to do that is to reduce the communication delay between the owner and the bot.

Communication with the bot happens via email. Therefore, the biggest contributors to this delay are:


1. Use the same email provider for both email accounts.

This helps to reduce the amount of hops a message has to travel between the owner and the bot.

2. If possible, use a paid email provider.

Typically, paid email providers are faster and more responsive than free ones.

For example, in tests using the paid provider Posteo, the bot's response time was around 5 seconds. On the other hand, in tests using free GMX accounts, the bot response time was around 20 seconds.

Still, there are some free ones that work well. The DeltaChat team has run exhaustive tests and shared their results here.